Products & Services

Game Development

Our strength lies in educational software development. We started our activities by creating educational computer games for children and successfully introduced several computer tools for Science, Math and English. With our experience not only we provide educational software development services but also we can help you execute educational projects. According to your request, we will create specific games to enhance skills and competences, staff training and personality building. We offer a wide range of educational computer games for children and people of any age and occupation.
Also: Advergames, Online games, Flash games, MultiTouch games. Online game development - See below.

Flash Applications

Searching for clear and precise way to present your production, brand or services? Enough talking, time for showing! Give an opportunity to explore your production or business in a virtual world - replace long and detailed descriptions with interactive Flash applications and let your potential client feel creative. Virtual design and personalization tools are just a few popular examples of interactive Flash solutions, which will significantly increase interest in your website.
We also provide professional Flash animation services.

Web Design & Programming

Precise user interface, corporate identity, contemporary design, interactive computer graphic elements... These are just a few of what we believe to be necessary elements of a modern and user-attractive website. With our experience, we recognize any official website as a company`s representative in a virtual world, and therefore provide high quality web programming and web design services.

Website development, Web development services, Website design.
High level Flash animation, Flash website development.


One of our works is a touch-sensitive interactive table with Multi-Touch control technology. This table is composed of casing with technical equipment and glass screen performing display and controller functions: each touch of the screen directly controls the integrated software. Multi-Touch technology enables detecting and responding to each and every touch, therefore, this table can be use simultaneously by several people. The table itself is versatile: to work in any area, the hardware only requires to install specific content computer games or applications, based on Multi-Touch technology.



A classical animated banner keeps being one of the most popular and extremely widely used tool for Internet advertising. Following your requests and objectives, we will advise the best animation script and build an eye-catching promotional banner with dynamic product placement and precisely targeted advertising.

Digital Art Exhibitions

Digitizing an art exhibition or any exposition is an innovative solution to make any museum or gallery not only more interactive but also more informative. Any digital art exposition enables to provide a museum visitor with much more valuable information: the exhibits can be complemented with additional audio and/or video material, which, on the other hand, is more complicated to blend within an actual exhibition. Digital exhibitions can be easily adjusted to work on various different platforms and devices: the Internet, Multi-Touch hardware, CDs or DVDs (HD quality), demonstrations and presentations.